LASIK LASER Eye  surgery to get rid of your spectacles/glasses with US /FDA  &  NASA approved custom VUE VISX  Star S4 IR laser unit (The first 6th generation laser machine in central Vidarbha)
Phaco eye surgery with cold laser machine incorporating world famous ice case & ellipse Fx technology
Multifocal Intraocular lenses to get rid of the post 40 spectacles
 No injection, no stitch & no pad, day care surgery ( no admission), topical surface anaesthesia.
Complete Glaucoma work in the form of
1. Applanation Tonometry
2. Visual Fields
3. OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)with retina, glaucoma & cornea mode
4. Glaucoma Counseling
5. Medical Treatment
6. Surgical Treatment for Glaucoma
NdYAG laser unit to remove
1. Capsular Opacities
2. Treatment of Glaucoma
3. Vitriolysis
4. Suturolysis
  Using laser light without any surgical intervention
Optical Biometer (IOL Master) for most accurate intraocular lens power calculations
Corneal Topography unit for early detection of Corneal disorders like 
1. Keratoconus
2. Premium Contact Lens fitting Corneal Ectasias etc
Ocular Ultrasound – Ascan Pachymetry machines for accurate measurement of axial length of the eye, corneal thickness etc.
Contact Lens Clinic
Permanent Implantable contact lenses for patients not suitable for LASIK Surgery
Medical Retina clinic
In house Optical & Chemist Shop
Full fledge OPD (Out Patient) services in the form of
1. Computerized eye testing
2. Computerized non contact Tonometer
3. Excellent Ambience
4. Prompt, Courteous & helpful staff
5. Counseling Services
In house physician for medical emergencies.
Well trained Optometrist & Refractionist.
Dedicated & Updated eye surgeons & consultants.
Ultra modern operation theatre (OT).
1. Two OT table
2. Leica operating microscope
3. UV air cleaning system
4. RO water plant for surgical scrubbing.
5. CCTV camera for recording & live telecast of surgery.
6. AMO compact cold phaco unit.
7. Full fledge anesthesia unit.
8. Three sterile zone for OT access.
9. Automated sterilizer for sterilization of instruments.
10. Well trained OT staff.
11. Round the clock standby anaesthetist for all surgeries.

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